About Us

Our passion is Art and we hope to share it with as many as we can and develop their love for art.

AS Art Buzz (Andrea‘s School of Art) is a small Fine Art School previously based in Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa and the owner, Andrea van Schalkwyk moved to the U.K. 3 years ago. Now based in Iwade, Sittingbourne, Kent we offer private/extramural lessons in the area.

Offering Children & Parent (carer/grandparent) art classes, as well as Adult Classes for anyone from the youthful to the more mature!

We really don’t mind at what age or stage in your life you wish to start fine art classes. Perhaps you have done art in the past and would enjoy a relaxed environment to brush up on your skills. Maybe your child shows early talent and you would like to help them discover a world of art.

If you Home School your children, then we are ideal for helping out with the practical side of art, and can really take the stress off parents who really have no idea how to draw or paint.

As we are a growing business, we are constantly looking at adding new classes to our schedule, so feel free to request another time slot or available venue.

Our fees are very affordable and we really aim to stay that way.

Please note: We offer classes on a part-time basis and we do not offer Degrees or Diploma’s. A ‘Certificate of Participation and Achievement’ is handed out at the end of a Calendar Year of participation to all students, young and old alike.

Contact us with regards to setting up a class for you at one of our art venues.