Mission Statement

My goal is to give you a good basic foundation in Fine Art and we hope that every lesson will create an opportunity to both hone and explore your talents. It is our hope to help you discover the beauty and wonder of Art, as well as to give you the confidence to pursue it as a recreational outlet, as well as to help those of you who aspire towards exhibiting. Mostly we would hope to leave you with a legacy of love for your own creative abilities as well as the awareness that Art is about life, and all the beauty and wonder of everything you see around you.

Please know that we have no expectation of you except to have a passion for this activity, as it surely is our passion, and it will be a privilege to share that with you. So, whether you are a beginner or deem yourself a novice, we are here for one reason only, the love of Art.

It is our intention – We really have no other
That your lives be filled with wonderful colour
To learn and grow and be a part
Of a world of beauty and creativity through Art.