Event – Fine Art Class: Study of Flowers (10 June 2017)

Our next Fine Art Class: The Study of Flowers will be help on 10 June 2017 at the Grainstore Studio, Brenley Farm in Faversham.

Classes are structured and instructive, but enjoyable and energizing at the same time. Numbers in the class are kept to a maximum of 15 (lower for some classes) so that I have plenty of time to go around and speak to each student individually through each class, as well as teaching the group as a whole.

What you will need:

  • Your own Acrylic paints – preferably the 3 Primay colours: red, blue and yellow.
  • Pencils and rubbers to do a sketch study and then to draw onto your canvas.
  • Old clothes/an apron to prevent you clothes from being stained from the paint.
  • An old cloth or two to wipe off mess and one to dry off brushes at end of class.
  • Newspaper to line your boot with to take art work home as it may still be wet at end of lesson

I will have supplies of basic colours of Acrylic, paint brushes, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, as well as some inexpensive canvases to do your work on.
I recommend you buy two small canvases from me as it is a twin set project. (If you prefer to buy & bring your own canvases you are welcome.)
Any of these art supplies can be bought for cash on the day of the class/workshop.

Lesson cost: £20 for two hours tuition – 11.00am to 1.00pm
Bring along some extra monies for purchase of supplies.

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Contact Me: Contact form or email:
asartbuzz@sky.com or asartbuzz@gmail.com
Mobile: 07590223175 (a/h 5pm or leave a message and I will call you back)

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